Is vaping weed really safe?

15 jun 2019
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Vaping weed has become a popular alternative to smoking. It involves the use of a vape pen or vaporizer to heat up the product and inhale the vapor. Much like smoking, it’s a fast and easy way to get high. However, many users prefer it to smoking as it involves no burning and doesn’t damage your lungs. But is vaping weed really safe?

In the grand scheme of things, vaping is still relatively new, and users may wonder if it has any of the same risks as smoking. Will using a vape or e-cigarette for weed make you ingest any harmful toxins? Here’s a guide to vaping weed safely.

Is Vaping Weed Really Safe?

Many users now prefer to vape weed instead of smoking it to avoid any health risks. While weed does not contain the harmful chemicals that tobacco does, burning it can still be problematic. One report noted that burning cannabis can release over 100 toxins and potentially cause damage to your lungs over time.

In contrast, vaping offers a method of using weed without burning it. It’s a smokeless way to consume marijuana that’s designed to avoid the hazards of smoking. A survey found that many users prefer vaping over smoking as they perceive it to be safer. It produces less carcinogenic compounds than smoking weed, making it much friendlier to your lungs.

A 2007 study also found that it was much safer to use cannabis with a vaporizer. Those who chose to vape had fewer respiratory problems and healthier lungs. As the research shows, vaping weed offers a safe and healthier alternative to smoking weed.

With that said, vaping weed isn’t completely risk-free. You’ll still face the side effects of THC, which can sometimes involve paranoia, anxiety, and memory loss in the long run. However, as far as physical problems go, vaping weed does appear to be safe for your body.

Effects of Vaping Weed

For the most part, vaping marijuana will have the same effects of smoking it. The type of high you’ll get depends on how much you vape and the strain you choose to smoke. You can vape flower strains, concentrates, and even oils and vape juices, which can all deliver slightly different effects.

However, vaping can give you a stronger high than smoking marijuana. A 2018 study found that vaporized cannabis produced stronger effects and more THC in the blood than smoking it did. As such, you can expect potent effects of euphoria, relaxation, and a psychoactive head high when you vape cannabis.

Whether you smoke or vape, it’s important to use weed in moderation. Vaping too much weed can result in dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and paranoia. Those with mental health issues should only vape a small amount and stop if they experience any negative side effects.

Most users will find the effects of vaping cannabis very enjoyable. If you want a more relaxing and sedating high, use indica strains and concentrates. Sativa strains will give you more of an energetic and creativity-boosting head high. Hybrid strains give you a good balance of both.

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So is vaping weed really safe? According to research, it’s much safer from your body and will protect your lungs from the harmful effects of smoking. While you should still be aware of the potential side effects of marijuana, you won’t need to worry about vaping damaging your body.

Vaping offers a great alternative to smoking weed. It’s easy and convenient and many vape pens can now be used with all kinds of products. Whether you prefer to vape strains of weed, high-potency concentrates or specialized vape oils, vaping is very versatile and will give your body powerful effects.


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